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Rise Up and Serve. This is the name of the
new campaign launched by Eddie Long
through New Birth Baptist Church.
Members are being asked to donate 2.5
hours per month of community service
throughout the end of year, win 2 souls per
month to Christ, and invite 2 people per
month to New Birth.

If successful, the campaign could
positively impact the community and help
boost the rapidly declining membership
numbers at Long's church. Back in March,
official news reports showed that New
Birth was forced to lay off employees and
cut staff salaries by 10 percent.

An official statement said "New Birth and
its faith community have been impacted
by the nationwide downturn in the
economy." Speculation is that attendance
has been negatively impacted because of
the public sex scandal.
Bishop Eddie Long Launces "Rise Up and Serve" Campaign
New Initiative Could Help Community & Boost Declining Numbers
The four young men who accused Long of coercing them into inappropriate sexual acts, have
nearly reached a settlement with the Georgia pastor. For those giving Long the benefit of the
doubt, the news of his decision to mediate with his accusers in February, instead of fighting them
as he vowed he would when the allegations were first made, has raised more than a few eyebrows.
Yet, Long doesn't seem phased by it all.

"You ain't messin' with me. I shall rise again, and I ain't going through this," Long boldly preached
during one of several sermons on Easter Sunday. “You have to go down there and let the devil
know that what they thought was gonna kill you, didn't kill you. What they thought was gonna
bring terror to you, didn't bring terror to you and you made the enemies public spectacle,” he said.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church did not have
its popular Easter service at the Georgia Dome for the third consecutive year, even after holding
discussions about a possible return.

Jason Kirksey, a Georgia Dome spokesman said, New Birth did not return because of  "economic
conditions." He was not at liberty to elaborate further.
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