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He is the Christian rapper whose name is on the tips of everyone’s
tongues these days: Grammy-winning artist, Lecrae. As his star rises
both in Christian and mainstream circles, the gifted lyricist and
President of Reach Records finds himself wading through deep waters
of criticism and rumor.

Recently, he sat down with Ebony Magazine to dispel a few untruths
circulating around about his ties to the Illuminati and possible signing
with rap mogul, Sean Jay-Z Carter.

“You influence 10 people, you’ve got one critic; you influence 100
people, you’ve got 10 critics, and so on and so forth,” Lecrae tells
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“And so that comes with a lot of assumptions, a lot of rumors, a lot of people involved in aspects of your life and
you’re just like ‘What? This has nothing to do with my music.’”

One such assumption is the Atlanta-based rapper’s possibility of signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. But, according
to him, such a deal never was in the works. “Essentially, he was looking for some conscious artists and my
name was thrown into a pool of other artists and that’s as far as it went.”

But, if given a real chance to seize upon an opportunity related to being signed with Hov, would he do it?
“Nah,” said Lecrae. “For multiple reasons, but one majorly, I’m an independent artist, I’m a label owner. I love
my independence. I love being able to create the story.”

Furthermore, he wishes to do for Christian rap what Jay-Z has done for mainstream Hip Hop. “He’s inspiring a
lot of people to think they can do something on their own. I want to inspire people that they can do it on their
own and not compromise their faith and beliefs, as well. So, that’s what I stand for.”

Speaking of what he stands for, after watching his recently released “Confessions” video, a lot of viewers
began question whether the symbolism in Lecrae’s visuals represented ties to the Illuminati.

“There are symbols all throughout the video. There’s a wolf, which symbolizes the predatory nature of us
(humans), we just want and want and want and hunger,” Lecrae explains, adding, “There’s color schemes
where one young lady is wearing green to show the pursuit of wealth and there’s a deer head in there because
it’s a wealthy party because if you go to any wealthy person’s house, they’re showing off their

Ultimately, he sums it up by saying, his intentions were good, concluding with, “So it’s really just a lot of that kind
of symbolism. None of it was intended for evil.”

Despite his intent, the more fame and notoriety he gains, there is an unavoidable increase in scrutiny and
criticism that will naturally result.

Watch his Confessions video below.
JUNE 19, 2013
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